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Title Sector
1&1 AG Telecoms
A3 Allmanna IT- och Telekomaktiebolaget AB Class A Telecoms
AAC Clyde Space AB Telecoms
AdEPT Technology Group Plc Telecoms
Allterco AD Telecoms
Amper, S.A. Telecoms
Apple Inc. Telecoms
Ascom Holding AG Telecoms
Ateme SA Telecoms
BATM Advanced Communications Ltd. Telecoms
Bigblu Broadband plc Telecoms
Cabasse Group Telecoms
Cablevision Holding SA Sponsored GDR Class B Telecoms
Calnex Solutions Plc Telecoms
Cellnex Telecom S.A. Telecoms
Centro HL Distribuzione S.p.A. Telecoms
China Mobile Limited Sponsored ADR Telecoms
Ciena Corporation Telecoms
Cyanconnode Telecoms
CyanConnode Holdings plc Telecoms
Doro AB Telecoms
Ekinops SA Telecoms
Elisa Oyj Class A Telecoms
Energous Corp. Telecoms
Eurotel S.A. Telecoms
Euskaltel SA Telecoms
Far Eastone Telecommunications Co., Ltd. Sponsored GDR RegS Telecoms
Forthnet S.A. Telecoms
freenet AG Telecoms
Frontier Communications Corporation Class B Telecoms
Gamma Communications PLC Telecoms
Gapwaves AB Class B Telecoms
Garmin Ltd. Telecoms
Gigaset AG Telecoms
GN Store Nord A/S Telecoms
Go P.L.C. Telecoms
Gogo Inc. Telecoms
Harmonic Inc. Telecoms
Helios Towers Plc Telecoms
Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA Telecoms
Hellenic Telecommunications Organization SA Sponsored ADR Telecoms
HF Co. SA Telecoms
HTC Corporation Sponsored GDR RegS Telecoms
Inseego Corp. Telecoms
Intelsat S.A. Telecoms
InterDigital, Inc. Telecoms
Intracom Holdings SA Telecoms
Iridium Communications Inc. Telecoms
Kcell JSC Sponsored GDR 144A Telecoms
Kcell JSC Sponsored GDR RegS Telecoms
Laird Telecoms
Lumen Technologies, Inc. Telecoms
MasMovil Ibercom, S.A. Telecoms
Mediatel S.A. Telecoms
Millicom International Cellular SA Swedish Depository Receipt Telecoms
Mobile TeleSystems Public Joint Stock Company Sponsored ADR Telecoms
mobilezone holding AG Telecoms
MTI Wireless Edge Ltd Telecoms
Net Insight AB Class B Telecoms
Netia S.A. Telecoms
Nokia Oyj Telecoms
Nokia Oyj Sponsored ADR Telecoms
NordTelekom Telecommunications Service Provider Plc Telecoms
OEX SA Telecoms
Orange Belgium SA Telecoms
Orange Polska S.A. Telecoms
Orascom Investment Holding SAE Sponsored GDR RegS Telecoms
ORBCOMM Inc. Telecoms
Orient Telecoms Plc Telecoms
PACE PLC Telecoms
Pebble Beach Systems Group PLC Telecoms
PHarol SGPS S.A. Telecoms
Play Communications SA Telecoms
Qualcomm Inc Telecoms
Retelit S.p.A. Telecoms
Rolling Optics Holding AB Telecoms
Rostelecom PJSC Sponsored ADR Telecoms
RTX A/S Telecoms
SAF Tehnika A/S Telecoms
Samsung Electronics Co Ltd Sponsored GDR Pfd Telecoms
Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Sponsored GDR Telecoms
Sepura Telecoms
SES SA FDR (Class A) Telecoms
Sierra Wireless Inc. Telecoms
Sinch AB Telecoms
Sistema PJSFC Sponsored GDR 144A Telecoms
Sistema PJSFC Sponsored GDR RegS Telecoms
Sk Telecom Co Ltd Sponsored ADR Telecoms
SoftBank Group Corp. Telecoms
SoftBank Group Corp. Unsponsored ADR Telecoms
SRT Marine Systems plc Telecoms
Starcom Plc Telecoms
TalkTalk Telecom Group PLC Telecoms
Technicolor SA Telecoms
Tele Columbus AG Telecoms
Telecom Italia Rsp Telecoms
Telecom Italia S.p.A. Telecoms
Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson Class A Telecoms
Telefonaktiebolaget LM Ericsson Class B Telecoms
Telefonica Deutschland Holding AG Telecoms
Telefonica SA Telecoms
Telefonica SA Sponsored ADR Telecoms
Telit Communications S.p.A. Telecoms
TELUS International (CDA), Inc. Telecoms
Tiscali SPA Telecoms
T-Mobile US, Inc. Telecoms
Tonna Electronique SA Telecoms
Toople Plc Telecoms
Trakm8 Holdings PLC Telecoms
Tri-Star Resources Plc Telecoms
Ubiquiti Inc. Telecoms
VEON Ltd. Telecoms
ViaSat, Inc. Telecoms
Vitec Group PLC Telecoms
Vodafone Group Plc Telecoms
Vodafone Group Plc Sponsored ADR Telecoms
Vtion Wireless Technology AG Telecoms